DRAGONLOCK Legacy Timber & Stone Airbrush Stencils

Use these stencils for quick and easy airbrush painting !
These stencils are compatible with walls from the legacy “Timber & Stone Walls” set.
Have fun !

Stencils included :

– Gable L

– Gable R

– Wall A

– Wall B

– Wall C / Wall C 1 Window

– Wall D / Wall D 1 Window / Wall D 2 Windows

– Wall D with door

Each stencil is available with 2 orientations (vertical in one piece or flat in two pieces to glue) and each one comes with a tight or loose fit (Try the tight fit first).
Also, stencils for walls with windows and doors have light and full cover (V2) options.

DRAGONLOCK Legacy Timber & Stone Airbrush Stencils

Timber & Stone Walls Set :

Recommended Print Settings :

Use FDG Terrain Profile
.2 Layer Height
No Infill (prints solid)
No supports
The use of a brim (5 mm) is highly advisedĀ  for vertical models

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