Dragons of Tirenia Introductory Guide, featuring the adventure Double Cross

The first official publication for Dragons of Tirenia, this introductory guide and adventure module features:

– The adventure Double Cross: intrigue, spies, embezzlement, a cathedral heist, and a cart chase in downtown Fiumenze!

– A brief outline of the key characteristics, geography and history of Tirenia, including a country map

– Lineage and class summaries to cover the standard characters that can be created in the fifth edition of the world’s biggest roleplaying game

– Access to online resources including full-size encounter map images, sequel hooks and pre-generated characters

The document is 40 pages long: cover page, glossary and back page, 10 pages of setting introduction, 27 pages of adventure and related resources. Please note, the guide is intended for use with the core rule set of the fifth edition of the world’s biggest roleplaying game.

The full campaign setting will be Kickstarted in 2021. Watch this space!

This product is priced at $5.00


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