Dread in Whitchurch

Can your players successfully navigate a quiet village infested by a vile cult and uncover the secrets needed to bring eldritch priests to justice?

Dread in Whitchurch is a Fifth Edition adventure for three to five characters between levels 7 and 9 with an average party level (APL) of 8. This adventure takes place in the town of Whitchurch in Omeria, but can be placed in another setting in any town that is small to medium-sized and has a granary. Townsfolk in Whitchurch have been going missing at a rate of two per week. Others still are growing sick and dying as the village graveyard is being quickly expanded. Two priests of the Faith of Grey Adherence have inhabited the village for the past three months, roughly two weeks after the sickness started. The priests, Khafra and Sabaf, are responsible for the sickness – having poisoned the village grain supply so that they may lend their healing magics to the town in order to build trust. They have used the goodwill they have fostered with the people of Whitchurch to acquire new converts to their faith. Each week, more and more villagers attend the masses held by the priests and succumb to the mind control magics bestowed upon them by the Old Ones. Each week, more villagers are brainwashed into willingly offering themselves to Khafra and Sabaf, having their sanity sucked from their skulls and their lifeless husks discarded. ¬†Half the town’s populace is defensive and scared, but the other half, new members of the Faith of Grey Adherence, knows exactly what is going on. If they are not stopped, the Faith of Grey Adherence will consume Whitchurch entirely and threaten the region beyond.

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