FWB Through the Looking Glass Age of Armageddon

Faeries Wear Boots utilises this system and enhances its melee combat system in a gritty, granular way which provides a high level of agency for the players. If you as a game master or RPG writer wish to submit material to Dark Stars or Faeries Wear Boots, please contact the Dark Stars Facebook group or email gnet@darkstarsuniverse.com, Attention Publishing. We would also like to hear what you think of our products; as a small team we try to provide great material for game masters and players, but if there is anything you feel would enhance this product let us know.

This book is a complete game using the Dark Stars rules system. This a future Earth and ushers in a Post-Apocalyptic setting following the chronology of Faeries Wear Boots. The year would be around 2100 or so.

What is in this book

Rules for playing post-apocalyptic science fiction fantasy
Post-apocalyptic Earth setting focusing on the United States of America
Detailed mythic setting with ancient histories and other sentient species
Many new mutant monsters and monster templates
System for circa 2100 AD equipment
Compatible with both Faeries Wear Boots! and Dark Stars

This product is priced at $20.00


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