Land of Vampires: Part One

Several thousand years ago, the land of Steymhorod disappeared from the surface of Eldura. What had once been a mountainous region with fragrant springs, moderate summers, and colorful falls descended into the Shadowlands, its borders separated from the rest of the plane by impenetrable mist. At all times, Steymhorod remains under gray clouds, lit only by weak sunlight even at the brightest times of day. The forests remain on the cusp between autumn and winter, a state of living death. And over the land, a dark vampire lord, Draego, rules.

The adventure opens with the PC (or party) arriving in Steymhorod disoriented and confused, hunting an escaped vampire. Fortunately, they encounter an elderly gentleman that points them in the direction of safety… Unfortunately, they are set upon by zombies and forced to flee even as night descends.

A lukewarm welcome greets the party in the small settlement of Willowhold, a town beset by sickness and suspicion. As the adventurers try to intervene, they’ll need to counter the power of the Witchwood and its denizens and then travel to the walled city of St. Sebastian in an attempt to forge further alliances for their quest.


In addition to a five-adventure duet campaign arc, this PDF includes: 

  • fifteen new creatures(plus variants!), 
  • five new magic items, 
  • as well as two campaign-specific character backgrounds, 
  • three region maps, 
  • five dungeon maps, 
  • and three encounter maps.

The adventures range across the land of Steymhorod, and we’ve added plenty of worldbuilding, setting, and NPC details alongside several random encounter tables to keep your adventures fresh and fun!

Page count: 92 (including supplementary materials plus a reference set and full-page set of the maps)

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