Mages & Maniacs

Mages & Maniacs is a zany tabletop roleplaying game set in a modern fantasy setting. This game is designed to incentivize creativity, roleplaying, and fun, with a simple design that just… works! Dark wizards will be facing off against uzi-wielding housecats – this should tell you what you’re getting into here. 

Mages & Maniacs utilizes six-sided dice only. Pilfer those dusty board games in the attic, if you don’t have any on hand! The simplicity of the gameplay style mixed with the usage of a single dice for all rolls creates an experience that is very pick-up-and-play, good for anything from quick one-shots to multi-year campaigns!

Also included: rules for hardcore & dangerous play, for daredevils and those used to the insta-death scenarios of early 80s RPGs.

The thesis statement of this game is as follows: Fun Comes First.

Credits: Mages and Maniacs by Dylan McClure. Concepts and Design by Dylan McClure, King Arthur, and Kinsey Hawthorne. Art for Mages and Maniacs by Nikolai Bird of DicingDangers, used under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
A softcover, published version of this rulebook is available only upon request. Email if you wish to get your hands on a physical copy! Price may vary.

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