Myth Master’s Homebrews Vol. 1

From the very beginning of the Tabletop Roleplaying Games hobby Dungeon Masters (DMs), as they were called then, have altered, changed, tweaked, added to or removed various aspects of the game mechanics of the “rules as written”.  This is known as homebrewed rules, and it is not only common but beneficial for the hobby as a whole.  Homebrewing rules occur when the DM finds that the rules as written are not working as he or she desires at the gaming table. 

In the next few pages you will find a number of changes I have made to the MYFAROG RPG system that I have found makes the game a bit more streamlined (fewer dice rolls), or adds new systems, classes, talents, skills or creatures (ie. pets) to enhance game play and remain a good fit within the lore of Thule. 

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