Noble Blood

A dying man’s last wish to be reunited with his lost son and heir.

Bitter family divisions with their roots steeped in murder and betrayal.

The succession of a fiefdom at stake.

Who has the right to succeed, and who is the right choice?

Parallel Adventures are setting-agnostic adventure modules for roleplaying games. They can be slotted into most fantasy settings with little effort; whether you are running a home-brew setting, Glorantha, Forgotten Realms, or something completely different, Parallel Adventures offer flexible roleplaying challenges your party will enjoy.

As well as being setting-agnostic, Parallel Adventures are also systems-agnostic, and come without any stat blocks. The gamemaster should take the time to read through the adventure and decide on what changes are necessary to make it fit into your world. Depending on the power level of your player characters and your preferred system — be it Dungeon & Dragons 5e, Pathfinder or Savage Worlds — this is where you will have to do the most work. Prominent non-player characters are given a brief description that should serve as a guide to their capabilities, but you will have to do the rest.

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