Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities III

Adventurers need much more than just brute force, magical powers, and nimble moves in order to survive the dangers that await them. A sharp mind is just as important as a sharp sword. When faced with a challenging puzzle, finding the solution can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities III is the third volume of the best-selling original Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities series. This volume contains a collection of logic puzzles, brain teasers, and encoded sequences intended to test the problem solving and deductive reasoning of characters and players, as well as two new adventures that connect these puzzles with original storylines. These puzzles are designed to be easily placed into any adventure with no additional work, yet also provide guidance on how Dungeon Masters can customize the details to best fit into their own campaigns.

This title includes:

  • 12 original puzzles for use in your adventures.

  • 2 full-length adventures for characters of all levels that connect the included puzzles with an original story. 

  • A “Perplexity Rating” that provides guidance on the relative difficulty of each puzzle.

  • Instructions on how to scale the difficulty of the puzzles for characters of all levels.

  • Hints for each puzzle to guide players towards the solution without simply giving it away.

  • Guidance for customizing the puzzles to fit into your own adventure, campaign, or original world.

  • Optional “Raise The Stakes” sidebars for making puzzles more deadly.

  • 3 original maps suitable for in person or online play.

  • 7 original hand-outs that help visualize the layout, inscriptions, and arrangements involved with some of the puzzles.

  • 5 unique magical items that can be found within the included puzzles and adventures.

Shattered Sword   Smoke Signals   The Forge Map   Back Cover

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