Scalding Sands – D&D 5e Character Options

Ebethan Game Designs proudly presents Scalding Sands! 

This expansion introduces three character archetypes from the desert wastes, as well as a number of new armors unique to desert cultures.

Follow the Burning Path as a Barbarian. Embrace powers of destructive flame taught by the tribes that revere fiery beasts that dwell far beneath the desert. Become a beacon of light and fury on the battlefield with your unique abilities.

Walk the path of the Oasis domain for Clerics. Bring respite to those who fall victim to the unyielding oppression of the desert, and bear its scalding wrath into combat against your foes.

Train in the strange, predatory style of the Sandshark rangers. Gain the ability to hide in plain sight, and leap into a lethal flurry against foes in the style of an apex hunter of the desert.

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