Tasha’s Hideous Leftovers

Do you need more twisted magic in your game? Ever yearned for a mimic that lives on your finger? Barbarians who act like paladins? Or maybe you just lie awake at night thinking about what creatures in Faerun lay eggs? Well, your (weirdly specific) wishes are granted in this anthology of cutting-room floor content from prolific DM’s Guild creators! Inside, you will find:

  • New and unique subclasses for every core book class, as well as the Artificer and Blood Hunter.
  • More than a dozen new feats to flesh out your character’s history, talents, and merits.
  • Variant rules for social combats, aging, dying, and more!
  • New monsters, including Vampires of various races, with unique mythologies; Celestials, several new legendary creatures, and the Primordial Titan—an elemental Mythic encounter with which to challenge your players!
  • New spells, including Weird Magics. This new spell list, learned through unusual means, grants great power, but with a wide variety of strange side-effects.
  • Fresh and unique new variant class features, for martials, spellcasters, and everything in between.
  • Eggs? Eggs.
  • And much more!

This product is priced at $9.95


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