The Puzzlebox of Bishk

What do goblin wizards, angry steam mephits, and cobbled together constructs have in common? The Puzzlebox of Bishk, a potential PC homebase with a subtle steampunk vibe.

A goblin wizard has gone AWOL from paying his dues and the Wizards Guild is looking to collect on the debt. Can our trusty adventurers figure out how to use a strange metal puzzle to locate and enter the goblin’s laboratory? They’ll be tested by a prototype Iron Golem, some very irritated steam mephits escaped from their servitude, and a competing goblin wizard looking to take control of the Puzzlebox for herself. If they succeed, they’ll make a friend (or an enemy), earn a few coins, and maybe even establish a unique homebase!

The Puzzlebox of Bishk is a fifth edition D&D one-shot adventure optimized for a party of five 3rd level characters. This setting agnostic adventure can be dropped into any campaign with ease.

Conceived and written for the Summer 2020 RPG Writer Workshop.

Note: This adventure does not yet have a printer friendly or screen reader compatible version. They will be added soon!

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This product is priced at $2.95


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