The Savage Age Epic Jumpstart: The Broken-Brother

Weaponized Ink is offering prospective players and long-time fans of Werewolf the Savage Age a low-cost way to start playing!  This Epic* Jump Start is an easy way to start your exploration into Werewolf: the Apocalypse’s War of Rage and the Stone Age.

Our Job is to Make Your Job Easier.  

Inside You Will Find:

– An adventure that explores the repercussions of the War of Rage.  

– An easy and cost-effective way to start playing in the Savage Age line.  This Jump Start is made for veterans of the War of Rage as well as new players.  All are welcome.  All will come to understand the Broken-Brother!   

– More than ten pregenerated PCs and NPCs – inclusing supporting characters designed to provide the foundation of a longer chronice.  

– MORE PAUL WAY ART!  Just look at that cover!  Buy this so we can commission more.

– The narrative foundation for some pretty exciting flashbacks and past-life options for your Werewolf: the Apocalypse games. 

– Advice for playing in the Pleistocene – a time very alien from our own, where assumptions about the modern nights are turned on their head.   

– A few little surprises at the end.  It is worth reading all the way to the final pages.  

This Epic Jumpstart was designed to be played with only the baseline Werewolf: the Apocalypse book — but owning at least Accounting for the Dead (Savage Age Volume 1) is HIGHLY recommended.  Ownership of The Rise of the Garou (Savage Age Volume 2) will be important if you want to play with the setting and characters beyond this introductory adventure. 

… As always, if there is something we can do to improve this (or any other product) drop us a line at

This is, By Far, The Easiest Way to Start Playing With Were-Bears and Mammoths!  

*why “Epic?”  Because its 47 pages long!  There is a LOT of new content in here.  

This product is priced at $3.00


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