The Sextet

The Sextet is a short (approximately 3 hours) obstacle course style adventure (think Crystal Maze or Legends of the Hidden Temple:  Mental & Physical challenges) that works well during Session 0 and lets players test out their characters before kicking off a campaign officially. It is also effective as a single session side quest, or downtime activity. 

The players get to explore their skill-sets as they tackle 6 core challenges, each focused on a different ability, as well as a lighthearted riddle encounter and a basic combat encounter. The adventure allows them to find their own strengths and weaknesses as well as any gaps the party may have as a group. The linear, focused structure is friendly to new players as it gives chances to get familiar with many of the basic mechanics in digestible segments while still being engaging content for experienced players.

What you’re getting:

  • PDF of the adventure
  • Map in 3 different resolutions (50px [FG], 70px [Roll20], and 300px per square)
  • Tokens for the included creatures
  • Images from the PDF as optional player handouts

What People Have Said:

“Running this as a session zero will probably be something we will do from now on.”- Dad’s & Dragons Podcast

“Great for kicking of a campaign and introducing new players.”- Scotti Anderson

  • Written by Kim Hanley
  • Cover & Interior art by Ty Burruss
  • Map by Kim Hanley (via Dungeon Scrawl)
  • Design Template by Laura Hirsbrunner 

This product is priced at $4.95


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