The Titan Attacks!

An action-packed adventure for one GM and one player.

A colossal war machine emerges from the wasteland, unleashing its devastation against the town of Tarian. The fate of Tarian rests on the shoulders of one adventurer—but will they be able to bring an end to the Titan’s rampage, or will Tarian be reduced to a mass of steaming rubble?

The Titan Attacks! is a 5e-compatible adventure designed for a GM and a single character. Throughout the adventure, the adventurer will infiltrate a war machine, disrupt its systems, and defeat its pilot before Tarian is destroyed.

Inside this product you will find a 4-6 hour single-player adventure for a character of 4th-6th level. While designed for a single player the product also includes instructions to adapt the adventure for small parties.  

Also included is a unique battle map depicting the inside of the colossal war machine designed by Artur Kurasiski. Fight your way through chambers filled with deadly encounters, as well as seven brand new 5e-compatible monsters! 

I hope that you enjoy this adventure! 

The Creators 

Luke Russell (Writer) Luke is a writer and game designer from the United Kingdom. “The Titan Attacks!” is his first duet adventure. Luke’s previous work includes the School of Gourmomancy for Action Fiction’s “Monsters of Murka” setting, as well as his own adventures and supplements. You can find more of Luke’s writing on DMs Guild. 

Sadie Lowry (Editor) Sadie Lowry is a best-selling game designer and editor from the mountainous sprawls of Utah. She brings change, hearth, home, and love to D&D through releases such as Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim, The Adventurer’s Domestic Handbook, and the recent smash hit Eyes Unclouded. She uses her full-time work as an editor at a book publisher to help others hone their writing and marketing—but when she’s not working, she’s usually trying new recipes, traveling the world, and having movie nights with her best friends. 

Gordon McAlpin (Graphic Designer) Gordon McAlpin is a graphic designer, illustrator, and animator based in Somerville, Massachusetts, where he lives with his wife Karyn and their cats, Dipper and Mabel. He created and directed the award-winning animated web series, Multiplex 10 ( In TTRPG, Gordon has worked on The Blood Hunter (graphic design and illustration), Monsters of the City for Cawood Publishing (graphic design), and the Electrum-selling DMs Guild title, Feats Don’t Fail Me Now (game design, graphic design, and illustration).

Artur Kurasiski (Cartographer) We are Spellarena. A collective of DMs, game designers and artists passionate about RPGs who enjoy creating all kinds of content for fantasy settings. We play and love RPGs as much as you do. 

Denzel DeMeerleer (Artist) Denzel De Meerleer is a storyboard artist for animation living in London. In his free time he plays D&D, video games and works away on his comic. 

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