Way of The Eternal Mind: D&D5e Monk Subclass

This book contains 1 new monk 5e subclass that is pionic based.    

°  Way of The Eternal Mind – Monk subclass. 

 I know, I know… Your saying “Psionics, ehhh?!?” (or maybe not) but it is designed using the Psionic Talent Die system introduced recently in the 5e Unearthed Arcana Material, and so far everyone who has seen it or test played it realy enjoy it.  I hope you will be one of these players as well! 

I know that many DMs struggle with Psionic abilities in their campaign, but I feel that in 5e we are finally getting some great ways of implementing them.  If you are curious and wish to “open your mind” to the idea of psionics in your game please give this subclass a look!  And if you do, please leave us a comment and a review so that I can continue to make this subclass even better 🙂

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