Wondrous Locales: The Leaftide Bathhouse

Wondrous Locales introduces a new location on each entry. Each includes VTT-ready maps so you always have something nice to show when playing online. 

This time around, treat your party to a nice and relaxing visit to the Leaftide Bathhouse. Built by a retired adventurer and her family, The Leaftide Bathhouse readily welcomed all souls looking for warm water, and soothing soaps. 

This supplement includes:

  • 2 Virtual Tabletop-ready maps of the bathhouse ground and upper floors, with night and day variants. 

  • 5 Fleshed out NPCs, ready to join your campaign world. 

  • 2 Adventure seeds to help you prepare for your next session. 

This product is priced at $2.95


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