Wondrous Mobility Aids

Wondrous Mobility Aids contains everything you need to create a 5e Compatible character using magical and mechanical devices to ehance movement.

This product includes the following:

– What are wondrous mobility aids and how to use them.

– 6 wondrous mobility aids including:

   – Arcane Dias: a chair floating on air.

   – Carrier Beetle: a pavillion mounted on a Medium beetle.

   – Dwarven Chariette: a tank-like chair with a mounted harpoon gun.

   – Gnomish Spider: an eight-legged mechanical crawling chair.

   – Jug Chair: powered by magical water legs.

   – Running Chair: A chair sitting atop two large mechanical legs, like everyone’s favorite evil space-western attack unit.

– Suggestions for creating your own wondrous mobility aid.

This product is priced at $2.95


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