Brancalonia Blank Sheet + 9 Pregenerated Characters – ENG

Updated English Blank Sheet + 9 Pregenerated Iconic Characters – ENGLISH VERSION.

This file consists of the official Brancalonia Blank Sheet – English version + the pregenerated sheets of the first 9 Iconic Characters of the game, 3rd Level each: 

– Syr Guerrin from Aurocastro: Human Knight Errant (Paladin) 
– Jolanda of House Savory: Human Swordfighter (Warrior)
– Uriah: Silvan Pagan (Barbarian)
– Drudo of the Vilupera: Human Matador (Ranger)
– Sister Fantaghira: Silvan Miraculist (Cleric)
– Fracas from Trivelle: Morgant Friar (Monk)
– Fenesia: Gifted Superstician (Sorcerer)
– Giuditta the Benign: Malebranche Harlequin (Bard)
– Medlar: Marionette Brigand (Rogue)

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