Fey Compendium IV: Winter Fey

The fey are creatures of nature and dreams, and there are fey that roam the cold sleep of the world, when nature reclines into slumber and darkness begins to swallow the day. There are fey of ice, of snow, and the cold winds that cut across the plains. There are fey of darkness, fear, and the despair that winter brings. There are even fey of the rare joys that can be found in this darkest season of the world, of the warmth and light that stands against the night.

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This supplement contains descriptions of and statblocks for over 75 unique winter-themed fey and fey related monsters, most of which can easily be integrated into the “Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden” adventure.

  • Nymphs: Seven new varieties of nymphs, including snowfield alseids, ice dancing naiads, ship sinking nereids, and spirits of wind and auroras.

  • Hags: Three new varieties of winter hags, plus eight new winter themed weird magic items, rules for a winter coven, and even Emee Knubish, the most powerful of all the bheur hags.

  • Fairies: Five new varieties of winter fairies, including the mischievous rime sprite, the kindly sugarplum fairy, and the deceitful sugarplum fiend.

  • Elementals: There are many elementals of winter. This supplement details ice elementals, the cold loving orglash wind elemental, the world bound thomil earth elemental, and even the rimefire eidolon, a fragment of a dead goddess’s psyche in the form of a chunk of burning ice.

  • Holiday Fey: No supplement on winter fey would be complete without touching on holiday themed fairies. There are flying reindeer with glowing red noses, tiny folk who love to make toys, dancing nutcrackers, magical toys, singing snow golems, the mari lwyd, and even two flavors of krampus.

  • Evil Spirits: There are many evil spirits of nature, from the light hating hoarfrosters to the fear mongering blue boggle to the sadistic jack frost. Most noteworthy, though, is the wendigo, the embodiment of taboos broken and gluttony unrestrained. This supplement contains three different varieties of wendigo, from the common wendigo to the fiendish abyssal wendigo to the ever-growing true wendigo, ranging in challenge from CR 7 to 21.

More monsters can be found beyond just these, such as the sadistic uthraki, the horse-like asperii, the massive wood man, the yuki-on-na, the hoary hunter, a new variety of meenlock, a Nutcracker inspired take on the rat king, and more.

Lords of Winter. There are many archfey of winter. This supplement contains statblocks for four unique winter themed archfey: The Prince of Frost (CR 21), the Krampus (CR 16), Saint Nicholas (CR 11), and Emee Knubish (CR 17). In addition to their statblocks, this supplement also includes brief blurbs detailing 10 other potential archfey that players can meet or make eldritch pacts with, including a massive skeletal bird of ice, a spruce tree the size of a mountain, a tyrannical yeti lord, and even an aspect of Auril herself.

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A HUGE thank you to Joel Chaim Holtzman, Stefan Koidl, and Claire Cook for their outstanding art!

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