OGRE KRUSH is a 4-hour adventure for characters of levels 5-10.

This adventure takes place in Ten-Towns of Icewind Dale, specifically Lonelywood. The location is represented as it appears in Rime of the Frostmaiden and this adventure can easily be used in the midst of that campaign. Several existing and new NPCs appearing herein, creating a sense of continuity.


This is a Dungeoncraft adventure legal for Season 10 Adventurers League play. 

The adventure package includes:

– Many ogres to crush.

– Beautiful VTT-friendly battlemaps to crush ogres on.

– Stat blocks necessary for the crushing of ogres.

– Opportunity to join Team Fireball (membership not guaranteed, owlbears not welcome).

Warning: This adventure contains an approximately 45-60 minute social interaction section during which no ogre crushing takes place. It’s just a really lovely night on the town during which you get to have dinner with friends and chat. Overzealous ogre-crushers may experience symptoms of anticipation. 

Buy with confidence – check out the preview! 

This product is priced at $4.99


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