OUTCLASSED: Tasha’s Panopticon of Nemeses

Tasha’s Panopticon of Nemeses is an expansion to OUTCLASSED: The NPC Statblock Compendium! Building on the material of OUTCLASSED, Tasha’s Panopticon of Nemeses expands the selection of NPCs with several dozen new statblocks to hurt your players with, each (mostly) based on the subclass options presented in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. These NPCs come with quick features you can apply to any other statblock, as well as tonnes of customisation options.

Also included in this book:

  • Artificer workshops, a faction of enemies you can use in your game, including a short adventure where the party must prevent goblin artificers from activating a machine of war. Also includes a whole load of guns.
  • A few fun encounters scattered throughout, like facing down a monstrous barbaric amalgamation, or fighting two enemy bards in the context of a legal debate.
  • Random personality traits for animated spellbooks owned by your Order of the Scribe wizard.
  • Five bonus NPC statblocks from a setting book I’ve released, the Hourglass Desert.
  • A dozen or so spellbooks with some brief flavour text and short lists of spells that your players can pick up off of dead enemies.
  • Simplified feats redesigned to give to NPCs.
  • Patron invocations! Bolster teams of enemies working for a specific patron with wholly new teamwork-focused abilities, or just use some repurposed warlock invocations for more general flavour.
  • Tattoos! Ink up your NPCs, or adapt them for player characters to achieve wondrous magical effects. Note that I haven’t actually drawn any tattoos. What do you take me for, an artist?
Tasha’s Panopticon of Nemeses is Pay What You Want, though please support the book if you have the means.

This product is priced at $10.00


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