Advanced Virtual RPG 2020

Advanced Virtual RPG is here! Now you can roll a set of metal polyhedral dice virtually and potentially save your table from unwanted scratches. These aren’t your average dice though, embedded with a rather potent fire spell, each roll is guaranteed to heat things up a notch. Toggle FXs on for the ultimate experience! This free software does a lot more than simply rolling dice with infinite fair variables. As a GM or solo player, you’re free to open multiple tabs and manage heroes and enemy characters within the software itself. With the right equipment you could even take things online to play with family and friends. Please, if you like this Windows & Mac app and would like to show the programmer some love, feel free to purchase any of my products here.

File Versions

Windows x86_64 ~386MB


Linux ~389MB

11/18/2020 update: Added Linux Build

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