Character Compendium 3 (Pathfinder)

This book contains 408 pregenerated characters for the Pathfinder Roleplaying game, conforming to the Infinium Game Studio standard of Quadded Statblocks.

96 characters and assorted familiars, animal companions, and mounts, across a wide variety or archetypes.

This concept allows any player to pick up a character that’s ready to play, no matter what the difficulty level of the adventure chosen. First level characters all the way through fourteenth level characters­—nearly every level of challenge can be met using this wealth of ready-to-use crunch!

These pregenerated PCs are ready to play in any Pathfinder adventure or campaign. GMs/DMs may also find them useful as quick-and-ready NPCs to drop into any adventuring context.

Four complete statblocks, with accompanying familiars/companions/mounts, for each of the following class/archetype combinations:

  • Alchemist: Alchemical Sapper
  • Alchemist: Alchemical Trapper
  • Alchemist: Aquachymist
  • Alchemist: Blazing Torchbearer
  • Alchemist: Bramble Brewer
  • Alchemist: Dragonblood Chymist
  • Alchemist: Ectochymist
  • Alchemist: Energy Scientist
  • Alchemist: Gloom Chymist
  • Alchemist: Grenadier
  • Alchemist: Homunculist
  • Alchemist: Horticulturist
  • Alchemist: Ice Chemist
  • Alchemist: Inspired Chemist
  • Alchemist: Interrogator
  • Alchemist: Metamorph
  • Alchemist: Mindchemist
  • Alchemist: Preservationist
  • Alchemist: Promethean Alchemist
  • Alchemist: Psychonaut
  • Alchemist: Ragechemist
  • Alchemist: Reanimator
  • Alchemist: Saboteur
  • Alchemist: Tinkerer
  • Alchemist: Toxicant
  • Alchemist: Trap Breaker
  • Alchemist: Untamed Rager
  • Alchemist: Vivisectionist
  • Alchemist: Winged Marauder
  • Alchemist: Words of Power Alchemist
  • Antipaladin: Blighted Myrmidon
  • Antipaladin: Dread Vanguard
  • Antipaladin: Fearmonger
  • Antipaladin: Iron Tyrant
  • Antipaladin: Knight of the Sepulcher
  • Antipaladin: Rough Rampager
  • Antipaladin: Seal-Breaker
  • Antipaladin: Tyrant
  • Arcanist
  • Arcanist: Blade Adept
  • Arcanist: Blood Arcanist
  • Arcanist: Brown-Fur Transmuter
  • Arcanist: Eldritch Font
  • Arcanist: Elemental Master
  • Arcanist: Occultist
  • Arcanist: School Savant
  • Arcanist: Spell Specialist
  • Arcanist: Twilight Sage
  • Arcanist: Unlettered Arcanist
  • Arcanist: White Mage
  • Barbarian: Brutish Swamper
  • Barbarian: Cave Dweller
  • Barbarian: Flesheater
  • Barbarian: Hateful Rager
  • Barbarian: Pack Hunter
  • Barbarian: Pack Rager
  • Barbarian: Primal Hunter
  • Barbarian: Savage Technologist
  • Barbarian: Sharptooth
  • Barbarian: Titan Mauler
  • Barbarian: Totem Warrior
  • Barbarian: True Primitive
  • Barbarian: Urban Barbarian
  • Barbarian: Wild Rager
  • Barbarian: Wildborn
  • Bard: Arrowsong Minstrel
  • Bard: Busker
  • Bard: Cultivator
  • Bard: Detective
  • Bard: Dirge Bard
  • Bard: Dragon Herald
  • Bard: Dragon Yapper
  • Bard: Duettist
  • Bard: Fey Courtier
  • Bard: Filidh
  • Bard: Flame Dancer
  • Bard: Flamesinger
  • Bard: Geisha
  • Bard: Impervious Messenger
  • Bard: Juggler
  • Bard: Magician
  • Bard: Masked Performer
  • Bard: Negotiator
  • Bard: Phrenologist
  • Bard: Prankster
  • Bard: Provacateur
  • Bard: Ringleader
  • Bard: Sandman
  • Bard: Savage Skald
  • Bard: Sea Singer
  • Bard: Silver Balladeer
  • Bard: Songhealer
  • Bard: Sorrowsoul
  • Bard: Sound Striker
  • Bard: Street Performer
  • Bard: Studious Librarian
  • Bard: Thundercaller
  • Bard: Voice of the Wild
  • Bard: Wit
  • Bard: Words of Power Bard


This adventure incorporates several innovative and creative tools your gaming group can use to use the content for a party of any size, and any level.  These approaches also enable a great deal of flexibility in portraying richly-detailed NPCs, and tracking interactions with them.

Infinium Game Studio has released several free booklets as rules accessories to help GMs understand (or to help prospective buyers experience) these tools:

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Attitude Trackers for Dark Obelisk: Berinncorte:

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