Fearsome Fiends: Dreth

This collection of previously released models has been re-scaled and tidied up and will be featured in one of the two starter sets for our current Kickstarter campaign, Pocket-Tactics Series 2: Coils of Chaos

*Hailing from the Bloodlands to the barren north, the Dreth are hulking, cyclopean marauders descended from the demons that once haunted this desert realm.*

All models are supplied without bases and print 100% support free in FDM (with minimal supports required when printing in resin), are scaled for standard miniature gaming (30mm scale), and 15mm scale versions are included as well!

This set includes 6 miniatures (Half-Dreth Raider, Dreth Hurler, Dreth Marauder, Dreth Champion, Dreth Warlock, and Dreth Warlord) plus a wasteland base for either scale. Stat cards for our OpenTactics free (and open source) wargaming system are also included as a PDF.

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