MikWewa Maps – Ancient Tomb

Adventure Introduction:

Letter was scarce and with little to no information but beautifully written. She

curved the letters as only she knew – her words were dancing in mesmerizing

rhythm before my eyes. Small parchment was wet and ink was spilling in its

cracks, but without the chance to diminish the elegance of its content. 

However, the words were as sharp and uncompromising as her character.

Féana was already in my debt, yet she was in trouble. Again. The Bardess was

skilled and fearless. Yet she needed my help. Again.

As I mounted on my mare, I felt excitement. Not only that I’ll visit the fabled

Highplane, I’ll see my friend again. No scar or wound can ruin the heavenly

beauty of the Half Elves and their wit and charisma were out of this world,

making them desirable company. And much more.

Their blood, on the other side, is desired even more. From the letter I found

out that the Desert Warlocks have gotten her scent. She needs my help to

lure them in the old family tomb outside the slopes of Isidor’s Peak, capital of

Highplane, an ancient home of all half-human people.


VTT and print-ready battlemap pack from MikWewa duo. Just below the cliff

of the Main road, lies the swamp that opens to those not seeking it. Map made

to be an encounter or travel fun between cities. Loot those coffins!


There are total of 3 ZIP downloads:

1. 300dpi (with 140px square grid) digital maps for poster printing and tabletop

screens and TVs

2. 72 dpi (with 140px square grid) digital maps for any VTT. All maps are under 5mb

3. 300dpi (with 140px square grid) separate gridded maps in PDF format for


NOTE: Night versions, gridded and gridless variants of every map is included


Map Info:

Resolution: 4200x4200px
Grid: 30×30 @ 140px
Variants: Desert, Snow, Aurora Borealis, Dwarven Runes, Swamp, Cursed, Portal, Ruins,

Autumn, Corrupted and Empty
Versions: Day, night, gridded, gridless


Check out the map preview below:

Gridded Day Map


Gridless Day Map


Gridded Night Map


Enjoy your adventuring!

Mikey & Wewa

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