Sitan Hunters: Cathedral

This is truly an unjust game.

SITAN HUNTERS – CATHEDRAL is a scenario for Karanduunthe Filipino Epic RPG. This scenario will have everything you need to kickstart your Karanduun Campaign of stylish rebellion and action horror, or you can insert into your own ongoing campaigns and even run it in other system.

CATHEDRAL focuses on a city-sized district within Biringan, gripped by the iron fist of a rich and powerful crime lord and the troublesome Cathedral within. When the Sitan Hunters step into the district, it’s apparent that nothing is quite what it seems. Dirt billows out from darkness to bleached illusory sun.

This scenario contains the following:

  • 6 new Player Concepts and Sitan Hunting Party Concepts for new players to choose
  • Tables for items and missions to run miscellaneous adventures with the Sitan Hunters.
  • A loose framework of NPCs, prompts, creatures, lore, and story to help you run and find out during gameplay.
  • Responses tailored fit for the scenario, aligning with the Horror feel. Responses to help you enforce genre and instill dread within players.
  • More supplemental lore and mechanics!
  • Illustrations from the best of the Philippine Artist scene!

Sitan Hunters is made for 4 – 6 players. Be careful.

Also note: please remember that there might be errors in the pdf, so please check back in here to redownload PDFs as I fix them! Thank you!

Make God Bleed. 
Paduguin Ang Diyos. 
Padug’a Ang Ginoo.

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