Smitty P0nd’s Em-pour-ium

Smitty P0nd, notorious gun runner and black market chipware dealer, owns this squat. Yeah, he runs a club with booze and dancers on the ground floor (who doesn’t these days?) but go upstairs and through a pair of fat security doors armed with hidden KerebusTech blast guns and you’ve got yourself a high-caliber party! Need weapons? Easy. Check out the racks of premium high fidelity cybernetic weaponry. Need new chrome? He’s got a kit-bashed clinic on the other side of the gun racks. Whatever you need, he’s probably got a cheap, affordable version of it.

This map pack contains:

  • 1st Floor Bar (grid and no grid versions)
  • 2nd Floor Storage/Changing Rooms/Black Market (grid and no grid versions)

A futuristic bar with a small office and platforms for dancers

The second floor of the Em-pour-ium, featuring a storage room, changing rooms for the dancers, and a black market back room filled with weapons and cyberware

This product is priced at $2.99


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