State of the Dragon #116

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PATREON: We had our Patron live chat this past weekend! I had to cut it a little short due to a prior engagement I had (and forgot to correct the schedule of the live chat for.) But we’re still doing spontaneous Patron chats in the Discord every now and again, so it evens out I think. Apart from that, we’ve got stream drafts here, and other rewards are still available for folks who wish to claim them.

DISCORD: As always, Discord is a great place to reach me and interact with other cool folks. Check it out if you haven’t already.

STREAMING: Alright, it’s time to re-evaluate. This is going to sound like a hard shift from last week, but bear with me. Some news dropped recently ( that was kind of a wakeup call. Twitch has consistently been making their platform less friendly to small creators. Recent DMCA stuff, jamming extra ads in there, and now by just allowing people to buy their way into the platform and ignoring those who have worked hard to get there. And I’ll be honest, I’ve worked very hard on that, and still haven’t gotten there. if you’ve been reading these updates, following me on twitter, or in the Discord, you know I’m trying my very best to find out what kind of content people want from me and to rise to the occasion and meet those desires. I’m troubleshooting tech stuff, trying to find ways to refine the streaming process, and generally improve the experience. But I’m not really seeing that energy come back to me on the level I need. Attendance on streams is low, and feedback and encouragement is pretty sparse. I’m not calling anyone out, and this isn’t the failing of anyone in particular. I’m not saying that you, personally, are not doing enough. In fact, there are a few people who have been very helpful, and I honestly do appreciate it. But on a grand scale, I don’t know that there’s enough going on here for me to justify the effort. If I can’t even hit affiliate status, and the platform is continuing to close doors on people trying to get in, I don’t know that this is going anywhere.

I’m not cutting it just yet. We’re still holding to our schedule for the time being. And I will be streaming regularly at least until the end of the year. If people want it to continue, there’s still time to make a push towards it. If engagement increases a fair bit in that time, I’ll keep things moving and see where we are. Otherwise, I’m going to start making plans to scale things back or discontinue streaming on a regular schedule. This is a difficult decision for me, as I really do want to stream and deliver live content where I can engage with friends and community members in the moment and create shared experiences. But I do need to acknowledge the realities of things. And hey, in the worst case, at least I’ll take that energy and put it into something else.

DIRE MONGOOSES: I went hard on this the past couple days, and it’s almost ready for release. I’d like to add in some maps and visual aids of some kind though, so expect this probably to drop next week or so!

OTHER PROJECTS: I have a very exciting announcement to make in the near future, but I have to wait on it. Soon though. Very soon. Otherwise, I’ve been turning through some commissions. Some genuinely neat stuff in there, and I’m super excited to be working on it. I’ve mentioned some side projects as well, particularly fiction, but I’ll be honest, I haven’t gotten around to that yet. I do still plan on it though. I also mentioned a project coming close to completion. I expect to have a proper announcement in a week or two. i want to have something approaching a functional WIP yet, and I need to knock out a few pieces first. Then there will be an announcement and the real work begins.

PERSONAL LIFE AND GAMING: I had a lovely Zweihander game this past weekend, and that’ll be available in podcast form with RPGHour soon. I’ll be back at it again this weekend too, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking to start up or join a long-term game soon, and I’ll be taking active steps towards that soon. Fingers crossed it pans out! On a personal level I’ve been having somewhat of a mixed bag. Some good, some bad. Really just hoping things settle into place soon. Here in the US we have Thanksgiving coming up, which should not be a thing we do given the circumstances of the pandemic (arguably at all, but that’s a different convo.) Unfortunately, I might not be able to avoid it, as I live with family  who will likely insist on doing it anyway. I’m not looking forward to it.

Hopefully that covers any glaring questions or concerns you might be having for the immediate future. If you have any questions or comments, as always feel free to reach out and let me know. Until next time, stay safe everybody.


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