The Sepulcher of the Ravens

Deep in the hinterlands of Barovia, there was once a great library and college secret to all but the wereravens, keepers of arcane lore. For centuries it was their redoubt against darkness, even when the usurper Stradh turned the lands into a black cesspit of evil. However, less than a hundred years ago, Stradh and his minions found and destroyed the redoubt, creating a tomb for its inhabitants. The survivors fled and hid, and Stradh believes them destroyed to the last. Now the Sepulcher of the Ravens has been revealed. Powerful magic and lore lay inside, but only for those who have the courage to brave it.

The Sepulcher of the Ravens is a 6 hour dungeon for characters 4th-5th level. It is designed to slot into any Ravenloft campaign, and features challenging combats and puzzles. Inside you’ll find:

  • A orrery of the cosmos only the keenest of minds can comprehend.
  • A library of steam and steel, guarded by a terrible enemy.
  • A portrait gallery that will have your players dancing with joy.
  • And much, much more!

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