Warlock! Goblins!

This supplement for Warlock!, the old-school roleplaying game inspired by the early
days of British tabletop gaming, explores goblins in the Kingdom.

Children of the Dragon

Goblins aren’t evil, any more than any community can be said to be evil, but their
god Dragon drives them in ways that can seem very destructive to the people of
other realms. Still, as with any community, variations exist, and some goblins live
and work within the Kingdom in relative peace, and in harmony with the other
communities present.

This supplement fleshes out the goblin community, explains their sometimes
irrational behaviour (from the point of view of other communities in the Kingdom),
and presents some new careers that allow goblin player characters to be part of
your game. Finally, a goblin settlement is detailed complete with an adventure
focusing on goblins with a very nasty scheme…

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