5e NPCs: Woodfolk & Wanderers brings you 10 new NPCs each with their own backstory, stat block and colour art. Custom abilities and unique histories make this a colourful collection of NPCs for your party to encounter.

There are over 20 pages of NPC content with challenges range from 1/8 to 13.

This product includes the following NPCs: 

Keelin Canderwall  – Clueless Cook

Locklan Greer – Paranoid Pauper

Lyron – Meandering Minstrel

Urrok Waterfell – Distrusting Half-Orc

Annalise Pyre – Fearsome Finder

Madeline Coin – Steadfast Savoir

Cort Weaving – The Weaver of Songs and Stories

Desdemona Inglemere – Undead Convert

Nel  – Temptress of the Tarn

Glaistig – The Lady in Green

In addition, there are five new creatures to serve as animal companions and assistants to the NPCs listed above. 5e NPCs: Woodfolk & Wanderers also includes details for three magical instruments.

This product is priced at $2.99


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