40×30 Battlemap – Dragonsfall Peak

Dragonsfall Peak

The path leads through a snowy forest, past a lake and to the foot of a large cliff where a small opening can be found with stone stairs carved into it. The winding stairs seem to go on forever but, finally you arrive in the hold.

In the main living area there is a feasting table full of food and a large parchment map of the surrounding kingdoms, at the end of the table also lies an altar with a shield and twin swords upon it. A small set of sleeping quarters is connected to this area, as well as an armory and then the kitchen which looks over the valley below.

Next to the kitchen is a large open cavern and a bridge that leads over to another set of stairs that continues to climb up through the mountain. At the top of the stairs across a natural bridge lies a snow encrusted bastion covered in a large set of ballistas.

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