Adventure Assets – 50 Guards and Guilds

Bring your fantasy settlement to life with this digital asset set that covers three aspects of fantastic civilization!

Guards, including a town watch, elite city gards, a citizen militia, and more!

Temple residents, including priests and acolytes, speakers and clerics, holy knights and religious warriors!

Thieves’ Guild members, with crafty cutpurses, daring burglars, flamboyant scoundrels, and underworld toughs!

Are you ready to populate your Virtual Tabletop fantasy roleplaying game world?

City guard

Adventure Assets: 50 Guards and Guilds features 50 different images to represent these staple fantasy characters in your VTT game!

Each images comes in three different styles, perfect to match with any existing assets you’re already using! All are available in

  1. Square Counters
  2. Translucent Background Flats
  3. Circular Tokens

This product is priced at $1.99


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