Geomorphic Crypts of the Lich Lord – Set 1

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The theme of this set of geomorphs was also a lot more firm than just “dungeon geomorphs” like my earlier pieces. This set was planned to be a collection entirely themed around a sprawling complex of crypts and tombs – home to the eponymous “Lich Lord”. So we have twisting halls and caves with niches, crypts, tombs, and sarcophagi throughout along with the occasional workroom, shrine, and memorial.

These maps were drawn with less of an eye towards a perfect consistent grid than my more recent works. Each card is 7.5 inches wide & 5.5 inches tall, and I’ve resized them to be as close to 300 pixels per square. This makes them 9,000 pixels wide (30 squares). Resizing them for VTT use would mean changing them to 70 pixels per square instead of 300, making them 2,100 pixels wide.


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