Indispensable DM System

Herein is the Indispensable DM reference System. A series of 3 reference sheets for a Dungeon Master looking to easily and quickly find the information they need in order to run a most excellent and exquisite campaign. 

This reference system presents the basics in a concise and readable format – and goes beyond. Its format is a landscape 8.5″x11″ as well as A4 sized – ready to be slipped into a binder, or clipped to your game screen. 

  • Ever wanted to remember what weapons a monk can use?
  • Or how about what happens when your party goes drinking?
  • What about utilizing a range of shield types instead of just the plain old +2?

This system goes beyond the basics and gives the intrepid DM the ability to try some new things without recreating the entire campaign.

Most things in here are Rules as Written (RAW), however there are special things that go beyond the basic rules. 

It is composed of three parts : Combat, Spells, and Actions. Each part has been condensed to a single page, giving you a total of 3 well-ordered pages.


  • All major weapons with their damage and abilities – Simple, Martial, Ranged, Ammo
  • Armor and Armament 
  • Weapon descriptor tags
  • Monk weapons
  • Carrying, Pushing and Pulling Capacity
  • Trap Damage and Difficulty
  • Improvised Damage
  • Common unique items


  • Magical term interpretations
  • Stacking Spells
  • Things that break Concentration
  • Spell Requirements
  • Skills
  • Ability Checks
  • Advancement XP
  • Vehicles, Mounts, and Travel
  • Extreme Environment – Underwater, Mounted, Squeezing through
  • Determine Jumping, Falling, Slipping challenges
  • Exhaustion
  • Effects of Drinking and Drunkenness


  • All conditions and their effects
  • Hiding and Stealth
  • Half, 3/4, and Total Cover
  • Getting Advantage and Disadvantage for any character without spells or abilities
  • Actions in Combat including Tripping, Shoving, and Overrunning

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