Tales of the Old World

This book was created by a multi-national team of writers, artists, and editors, originating from nearly a dozen different European countries. With this project, they hope to share a bit of their country’s history, lore, and mythology with you for use in the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Inside you will find:

  • 7 original adventures covering each tier of play
    • The Gingerbread House
    • Old Evil Stirs
    • The Doom that Came
    • An Insidious Alpine Pass
    • Into the Hall of the Mountain King
    • The New Argonauts
    • Ulfgrim Died Well, We Swear It!
  • Beautiful full-page cover art for each adventure
  • Original maps to help the DM set the encounters
  • Statblocks for monsters and NPCs from the Old World series
  • Unique rewards such as new spells and magical items

Cover art for Old Evil Stirs by Wouter Florusse Page 11 of Tales of the Old World with the Inside of the Gingerbread House

Page 85 of Tales of the Old World with sea travel from The New Argonauts

Page 101 of Tales of the Old World with the Jormungandr Page 69 of Tales of the Old World with the giant runes

Featuring work by:

Project Leaders

  • George Komis
  • Andrea Maffia


  • Ole Arnesen
  • Dimitri Lambermont
  • Remko van der Heul
  • Jason Bakos
  • Miłosz Gawęcki
  • Wojciech Milak

Layout artists

  • Daniele Severin
  • Simone Rossi Tisbeni


  • Simon Collins


  • Wouter Florusse
  • Pedro Orrico
  • Ludovico Tellatin

Full credits on the front cover


PDF versions

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Fantasy Grounds Versions

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