The Book of Random Tables: Quests 2

The one thousand adventures or quests for fantasy tabletop role-playing games in this book add flexibility to the gamemaster’s toolkit.

The purpose of this book, just as the first book of quests, is twofold. First, these adventure ideas help gamemasters cut down session prep by providing hooks and situations quickly. Our time is one of the most important resources we have, and we should not be wasting it. Second, these quests are kindling for the gamemaster’s imagination. These ideas are meant to help fan the flames of creativity.

The quest ideas in the book are arranged by a broad topic and are placed in D100 random table formats. The ideas can be used in a variety of ways. A gamemaster can roll randomly on a table or select ideas based on their preference. The ideas can be springboards to new campaigns or side quests or storylines that are weaved into an existing campaign. The ideas can be used as-is or mashed together to suit gamemasters’ needs.

The tables of ideas are Curses, Deserts, Disasters, Dragons, Dwarves, Fighter Guild, Ghosts, Halflings, Mountains, and War.

Each table is developed around a general controlling idea to help gamemasters determine what ideas are appropriate for their campaigns or sessions. Some of the quests are basic concepts and others are more detailed. This was done on purpose to provide a variety of adventure ideas with different scopes.

It is my sincere hope that this little book inspires thousands of epic quests.

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