Wyrms of the Realms: Arveiaturace

Dragons are powerful creatures of magic and might. They fill dreams and nightmares alike with splendor, majesty, and the raw force of their personality. Good, evil, and everything inbetween, dragons are the living embodiment of the truly fantastic. A series of articles in Dragon Magazine detailed the Wyrms of the North, giving a profile of the important dragons in the Sword Coast North region of the Forgotten Realms. This article updates that information, reorganizing it and adding more content, and provides details for the latest version of D&D!

In the northern reaches of the Sword Coast, sailors and travelers tell stories of a mighty white dragon known as the White Wyrm. She preys on ships with a nasty habit of snatching victims in her enormous claws before dropping them into the frigid waters – or taking them away to be devoured later. Her massive bulk is made more striking by the form of a wordless rider on a specially built harness and saddle.

The White Wyrm is no legend, however. She is Arveiaturace, one of the oldest and largest white dragons in all of Faerun. Her history is intrinsically linked to the wizard who tamed her hundreds of years ago, a wizard who wove powerful spells into the White Wyrm and eventually formed a strong bond with the dragon. The wizard’s death sent Arveiaturace into a deep depression, and now she hunts for a cure for death – when her mind doesn’t slip back to her younger days.

Open WYRMS OF THE REALMS: ARVEIATURACE and learn the secrets of the White Wyrm!

* Legends and stories concerning Arveiaturace that characters may pick up while around the Sword Coast

* The plots of goals of Arveiaturace, giving a good overview of how the dragon fits into the larger picture of the Forgotten Realms

* An overview of the dragon’s domain and lair

* Agents and allies of Arveiaturace, including Kala Rockbrew, a dwarf thief in Icewind Dale; Lashivian, an elven necromancer from the Cult of the Dragon; and Thaslaug Icefang, a half-dragon frost giant grandchild of the White Wyrm!

* A look at the tools and magic used by Arveiaturace

* Suggestions on using Arveiaturace in the hardcover adventures, including Rime of the Frostmaiden, Tyranny of Dragons, Storm King’s Thunder, and others

* The CR 24 stat block for Arveiaturace using some of the alternate rules in the Book of Dragons for 5th Edition by Conner McCall!

* A Tier 2 encounter, “Cursed Diamonds Are Forever” that features Arveiaturace’s agent in Ten-Towns.

* A Tier 4 encounter, “Star of Reghed” featuring Arveiaturace herself in a showdown to claim a fallen warpstar revealed in the Reghed Glacier!

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