100 Rumours for Saga of the Goblin Horde

This is a collection of 100 rumours for the Saga of the Goblin Horde setting from Zadmar Games. The rumours are system-neutral, so can be used with whatever system is used to play the setting, not just Savage Worlds. These rumours can be used as potential adventure hooks, sources of misinformation or simply as background colour.

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Here are some sample results:

  • One goblin boss is planning a raid into the human lands with the specific aim of killing the plant-eaters that town humans rely on, especially those that they raise for food or that their warriors ride into battle. The goblin believes that killing the plant-eaters in large numbers will demoralise the town humans, by depriving them of the food that the plant-eaters provide, and their mobility in battle. Some town humans may even be upset over losing a beloved plant-eater.
  • One gremlin has come up with a new invention that they want to build and test. It’s an underwater boat, and the apparent idea behind it is to create a boat that will be able to safely travel the Endless Sea without falling foul of the sea goblins. No goblin wants to be part of this test, as they fail to see just how a boat that is already partially sunk will fare any better against the sea goblins than one floating on the surface.
  • One of the goblin chiefs is trying to encourage all the goblin tribes to unite, claiming that this is necessary to defeat the human threat. They are also claiming that goblins used to be united, and that doing so again would be favourable to the gods. The tribal chiefs are less them impressed with this idea, especially as the boss in question wants all the tribes to be united under their, supposedly divinely inspired, leadership.
  • One of the priests of the Shadow Queen is attempting to convince the rest of the priesthood that they need to start summoning smoke sentinels in greater numbers than they have ever been summoned before, in order to raise an army of the elemental creatures to defend against the humans, by launching an attack into the human lands. The behaviour of this priest is generally considered to be on the odd side, and most are worried about just why they truly want to raise an army of elemental servants.
  • Orcafolk have been getting more aggressive of late, frequently coming onto the shore to attack any goblins they can find, and not just to avoid sea goblins. It’s rumoured that they are acting in an even more aggressive manner towards the sea goblins, and that orcafolk and sea goblins are effectively in open warfare in places.

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