Cyberpunk Junkyard and Hideout

“What ya lookin to scrap, choomba?” Whatever it is, this place has all the means of doing so  This is an encounter map inspired by a dystopian cyberpunk future and features an junkyard complete with an office, biker hideout, and all the junk you would ever need. The map:

  •  Comes in both grid and grid-less format
  •  Sized 20 x 29 inches, each inch representing 5 feet.
  •  Incorporates gaming features such as cover, close quarters combat, and lighting to allow for maximum awesomeness.

Add to Roll20 or your favorite digital gaming service to enhance your gaming sessions!  Print it out and add minis to utilize the 1″ grid!

Reviews and requests for future maps are VERY much welcomed!  Thank you for your purchase!

This product is priced at $1.50


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