D&D 5E Hand Drawn Tabletop Essentials Kit

Ho there Dungeoneers!

Dungeon Master’s Workshop is proud to present the Tabletop Essentials Kit!

Contains hand drawn, form fillable PDFs for player and Dungeon Master alike! All handily sized to A5 for a compact and stylish way to record your character’s information!

  • Character Sheet: Two pages of hand drawn artwork for you to input your adventurer’s information into, including fields to track class specific resources, handy reminders on the benefits of resting, and a 12 slot inventory system to keep your hoarding in check!
  • Spellbook: The first page displays your character’s spellcasting information, a list of their known spells and a handy tracker for how many spell slots they have and have used. The second page contains spell card templates for you to fill with your arcane arsenal! You can go back and print page 2 as often as you need to show off all your spells!
  • Player Reference Cards: Mainly for the DM, but useful for the whole table; these quick-reference cards display the vital information you need to know about party members at a glance. And they’re perfectly sized to be printed, cut out and put in a standard playing card sleeve!
  • Combat Tracker: An essential tool for the DM, this table lets you keep easy track of combat encounters, with space for notes about each combatant and the encounter itself. Plus, the hit point column is nice and wide so if you’re a pen and paper type, you have plenty of room to cross out and update hit points as you play!

DMW Essentials Kit - Character Sheet   DMW Essentials Kit - Spellbook

DMW Essentials Kit - Player Ref Cards   DMW Essentials Kit - Combat Tracker

The Zip folder of PDFs also contains a handy text file with tips on formatting and printing to make sure your new essentials kit looks as pretty as can be!

Download your Tabletop Essentials Kit today!

This product is priced at $7.99


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