Grave is a toolkit for soulslike adventures adapted from Ben Milton’s Knave, compatible with a range of old-school fantasy adventure games. Adaptations to Knave include….

  • Ready-made “backgrounds” with starting stat arrays and gear packages, including Knight, Wizard, Witch, Outcast, and the wholly random Vagabond
  • Simple stamina rules based on inventory allotment, for more involved stunts and more frequent spell use
  • Death, resurrection, and corruption rules based on the assumption that you will die quite a bit, and you might want to risk devouring the souls of legendary kings
  • 60 level-less spells in Wizardry, Witchcraft, and Theurgy
  • 50 magic items like the Ring of the Wily Serpent, Jade Pig, Waxen Hand, and Pendant

Like Knave, Grave is available as both a PDF and as a Microsoft Word document made with free fonts, making it easier to hack for your own purposes.

This product is priced at $2.00


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