Monster 31 – New Monsters and Functions for Kill Sector

Monster 31 is a Halloween-themed bestiary and function book for the Kill Sector System. Included in the book are thirty-one all-new monsters, and sixty-one all-new functions. GM’s can use these monsters in their own gauntlets, or players can play as them with proper modification. Each monster has a detailed backstory and lore, as well as ideas for ways to implement them on either side of the GM screen. Each monster has their point-buy receipt fully listed out, allowing anyone to adjust them endlessly for their own needs. Many of these monsters include unique functions, each of which is fully described in the back of the book, should someone want to adapt these functions for their own characters. This is a must-own book for gauntlet masters looking for a quick way to spice up their gauntlet, or a centerpiece to build lore around, or simply a springboard for their own horrific creations. Players will find amazing new functions, modifiers, and weaknesses to further flesh out their toolkit for expressing themselves in the ever-expanding Kill Sector universe. The possibilities with this book are truly endless!

Important: In order to use Monster 31 to its fullest capacity, you’ll need the Kill Sector Core Rulebook, also available on DriveThruRPG!

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