Noël Pantheon

The Noël Pantheon includes a complete, Yuletide-themed pantheon for Scion Second Edition, complete with a membership roster and many gifts and goodies. It is based on the idea that even if it is not technically a religion by itself, Santa Claus and his ilk are nearly worshipped as deities: You pray to them for favors and you give them a sacrifice in form of milk and cookies (or the equivalent).

In this book, you’ll discover the history of when the Noël Pantheon gave up on Christmas and why they are returning. You’ll find everything you need to play the Scion of Santa Claus, Père Noël, Krampus, the Yule Lads, or Frau Holle. You’ll also find:

  • New Birthrights, including Santa’s Sleigh (Relic), Yule Kittens (Creature), and Mrs. Claus (Guide)
  • New Pantheon Signature Purview: Geola
  • Information about Santa’s Workshop, Grýla’s Cave, and the Sachreich
  • Information about Jack Frost, the Noël’s associated Titan
  • Premade Scions: Varrick Horn, Trudy Winter, and Dolly
    • Each premade Scion comes with their own character sheet in a separate file, which you can share with players digitally or print
  • New traits for Antagonists and Storyguide Characters

The Noël Pantheon is my holiday project for the year 2020 and as such it will be a PAY WHAT YOU WANT product until the start of next year.

This product is compatible with Scion Second Edition. Requires the use of Scion: Origin and Scion: Hero from the Onyx Path Publishing. The use of Titanomachy is also recommended.

But wait! There’s more!


This doesn’t need to be the final version of the Noël Pantheon. In fact, I have plans to expand it as it reaches milestones. Here’s a rough idea of what will be added to the Noël Pantheon as it becomes a best seller:Trudy Winter - Chosen Scion of Frau Holle

  • Copper Best Seller
    • Origin Tier Christmas Adventure!
    • New Antagonists
    • New Birthrights
    • Premade Scions will get character tokens for VTT use
  • Silver Best Seller
    • Premade Scions will be upgraded to Heroes
    • New Heroic Tier Antagonists and Storyguide characters
  • Electrum Best Seller
    • Hero Tier Christmas Adventure!
    • New Antagonists
    • New Birthrights
    • Noël Pantheon will expand to include more members
  • Gold Best Seller
    • Premade Scions will be upgraded to Demigods
    • New Demigod Tier Antagonists and Storyguide characters
    • Demigod Tier Christmas Adventure!

Remember, if you want to contribute towards these badges, only copies that are sold for at least $.20 count towards a badge, because of DriveThruRPG reasons. The book is PWYW until the start of the next year, though, because this is my Christmas present to our community, so you can absolutely get it for free.

This product is priced at $4.95


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