Still Waters

Three centuries ago Urubu, jewel of the kailward oceans, shuddered and sank beneath the waves of the Sea of Tears. Toiling in the great Heliconian city of Hermopolis renowned Umuthi shipwright Elim Highwater has made discovering and exploring this lost legend its life’s work. All Elim needs is a band of fearless Heroes to scour four powerful Sulhani cities for their hidden treasures; Heroes undaunted by adventuring on the waves…or under them!

Still Waters contains in depth background, politics, maps, location descriptions and local adventures for:

  • Hermopolis – Helicon’s mightiest city state
  • Aruth – The great enchanted metropolis of the Yanuth people
  • Lodart – Home to Per Loana’s grandest Cathedral and her most scurrilous pirate
  • Leus –  Restless capital of a conquered Azran realm

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