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A discussion on Discord about the different roles within the CORE RPG and balancing game me an idea. 

Why not explain the purpose of the Roles in more detail outlining their strengths and weaknesses?

Over the next few months, I will do just that, Time allowing… if you have seen my previous post you will understand that we have a lot of work on at the moment! 

Time to stop thinking like D&D or other class-based systems! If you do you are going to get frustrated!

No longer do you need a party consisting of a Wizard, Fighter, Cleric, Theif etc to get the job done. A Party full of Scrappers can do it just as good with the right builds. However, a Party of Tactician, Agitator, Enhancer, Defender, Scrapper & Ranged is unstopable!

Consider the following:

  • Tank: Defender
  • Damage Dealer: Scrapper, Ranged
  • Support: Enhancer, Tactician
  • Crowd Control: Agitator

With CORE RPG your whole party could be Wizards! AGitator would throw hexes on the enemy, Defender, conjuring shields and mystical armour, Enhancer would heal and buff their allies. A Scrapper would conjure arcane weapons, while a ranged wizard would throw fireballs or lightning bolts from a distance. 

But all roles can attack, and defend and be built to withstand damage if that is what you feel is required. But it only tasks one lucky roll to instant kill a Defender who has 12 hits! A Rol of 24 damage can be achieved on a D4 ! so be warned! 

The best tactic in CORE RPG.. is not to get hit! Work as a team and avoid a battle you cannot win. Or strike first and hard! This is where Tacticians Shine!


Tacticians are born leaders and detailed on page 71 of the CORE RPG. Tacticians are one of the most dangerous Roles in the party. Why? Because if played correctly, they make the party unstoppable!


A Tacticians role within a party is to keep the party moving toward a scenes objective. Their Unique Perk gives the party a bonus to their Initiative.

It is a selfless role, benefitting your allies rather than yourself. Much like the Enhancer, Tacticians give a more targetted bonus and with the use of their Battlelore Specialisation grant Momentum for the party. 

It is the role of the Tactician to keep the party one step ahead of the enemy and give them the best chance of success possible. With a good leader, a party can achieve anything!

If you want to play a character that causes damage, choose either Scrapper or Ranged, if you want to get tough and be able to sustain damage in a battle, then a Defender is your option.

However, if you want a character that can control the parties speed and success to achieve a scenes objective and get awarded CDP. Tactician is your role!


Tacticians [MND] gives them extra Delirium and resistance to some Powers. Usually overlooked by players. Remember if your character Delirium is reduced to negative MND Level .. you are out for the count!.. D4 MND is bad news for those tough guys!

Gaining a Bonus to [COM] allows the Tactician to be in the thick of battle.

The Secondary Statistics give options to Tacticians to support their team, by perhaps spotting hidden enemies revealing them to the party, or avoiding being hit giving the Tactician longevity n the battle, or an edge at actually hiding preventing being hit in the first place. 


The lack of [PHY] means the Tactician must spend valuable CDP to prevent them from being made of glass.

Other vital statistics missing from the Tacticians repertoire, are [AGI] & [STR]. both a must for the initiative. So again CDP is needed to increase these statistics to give the Tactician an edge in Initiative. 

Suggested Battle Tactics

When a Tactician goes into battle consider the following. 

  • Activate your Tactician Perk, this gives the party a bonus to their initiative. Why? If the party are acting quickly, they can protect the Tactician. 
  • Get close to the Scrapper and attack who the Scrapper is attacking. Why? You grant the Scrapper a Bonus for outnumbering the enemy see CORE Page 29. The Scrappers role is to cause damage, so go support that role!
  • Battlelore: Use this Specialisation… often, remember it’s a soft action, so use it twice if you have to! Your party will love you for giving them Momentum. Momentum is a healer, grants bonus actions, a bonus dice and reroll all in one! So make sure your party has plenty! Especially the defender who if doing their job should be attacked by most of the enemies! Keep them alive with Momentum.
  • Avoid being hit! You are not tough, you are a target for the enemy as the party love you giving them Momentum and Initiative bonus, the enemy will want to take you out quickly, unfortunately, your role has been built to make this possible! 
  • Do not overlook your Perks! You as a player may feel the itch to hit something with your sword or shoot something with your energy beam… But try to stay away from such actions that take away from your strengths of keeping the party moving. Pay attention to your Perks, keep them activated and keep the party moving!


  • Fantasy: Aragorn
  • Modern: Colonel Hal Moore
  • Futuristic: Captain Jean Luc Picard
  • Supers: Ironman


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