Tome of Tables: Modern School

With this supplement you’ll be able to add detail and life to any modern, North American style, school your players may come across. Whether the party happens to be students at the local high school who spend their free time fighting the forces of darkness or they’re just scavengers in an apocalyptic scenario who are looking for supplies, you’ll find everything you need here.

In this PDF you will find several lists of items which can be found in a modern school as well as several lists which will allow you to add a wealth of detail.

This publication includes: 

  • 100 items to find in classrooms & teacher’s desks
  • 50 items to find in the cafeteria & kitchen
  • 50 items to find in the administration offices
  • 100 items to find in the science labs
  • 100 items to find in the art and theater departments
  • 100 items to find in the shop, woodworking, & technology departments
  • 50 items to find in the gym and physical education department
  • 50 items to find in the nurse’s office
  • 100 school names
  • 100 school mascots
  • 100 staff members
  • 50 school rumors

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This product is priced at $2.99


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