Way of the Shackled Beast: Monastic Tradition of Eberron

During the 50-year purge of lycanthropy by the Church of the Silver Flame, a shifter monk named Zev Jhaxos was wrongly accused and sentenced to months in an Aundarian purification camp. Scrawled into the walls of his cell was found the doctrine of his way.

Monks of the Way of the Shackled Beast learn to manipulate the beast bound within themselves and within others until no bonds may hold them.

Mechanically, the subclass adds jumping benefits to the already superior mobility of the monk class, along with some unique options suited to those with shifters in the parties of their Eberron campaign.

Originally printed in Dragon Magazine #355, May 2007.


Cover - Digital tokens, Wildshape   Papercraft Miniatures for Beasts   The Contract Adventure cover    Cover - Town Musicians of Bremen    Martial Subclasses: Ghostwalker, Son of Thunder, Master of Chains

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