Dark Age: Legends – The Black Prince – Adventure Starter Set

An Expansion for Dark Age: Legends

Starter Set – Including Adventure, Vocational Axioms, Weapons, Armour and NPCs

The Black Prince is alive and well in the year 1377, aware of the threats to both himself and the Kingdom of England. Keen to take his rightful place in history, the Prince seeks to forge a Knightly Order based on the principles of truth and courage. Where nobility is earned honour is willingly pledged.

The scene is set for a story of valour to be told.

Included within this Expansion is a full Adventure, new Vocational Axioms (ranks within the Knightly Order of Dien) new Weapons and Armour and a full list of NPCs to bring the Adventure to life.


The year is 1377. Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales and heir to the English throne, is a man who refuses to die. Having foiled an assassination attempt in 1376 with little help from those around him, The Black Prince is about to succeed his father, Edward III, who’s death seems imminent.

Aware of his own failing health but determined to take his rightful place in history as King of England, Edward is aware that he requires strong allies to see him through his accession.

After one drawn-out evening at Court, observing the nobles circling her father-in-law’s deathbed like jackals at the carcass of a lion, Edward’s wife Joan of Kent visits her husband in his chamber. After much deliberation, and Joan tempering Edward’s concerns with a fondness only she is able to convey, the future King and Queen devise a plan to keep the enemy from the gates.

A tournament is to be held unlike any other witnessed by the English people. All who are true of heart are encouraged to attend, not just the nobility. The Black Prince is keen to identify those capable of fighting for personal honour, rather than noble favour. At Joan’s suggestion Edward is to form a new Knightly Order – The Order of Dien (meaning ‘to serve’) for those who demonstrate true chivalric qualities at the grand tournament.

For The Black Prince and the Fair Maid of Kent, their hope is to inspire loyalty and devotion through raising the fortunes of the brave. For the men and women who will join the Order of Dien the path may be long and the years may be short, but their courage will shape a Kingdom. This is their story.

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